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    My 1 year website traffic is too low?

    i have wordpress blog http://egrig.com for about 1 year, i write articles two times a day, my traffic is 100 unique visitors a day, Please HELP!!! i use seopressor 5 plugin, my hosting is pretty fast (i think) website has good and responsive design. i read that 1 year websites have about 100000 visits in a month, can you help me out!! please help!!!
    a year ago 6 Answers

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    Most similar sites probably get close to your 3K a month. Those 100K a month sites are either something very unique or valuable, or have invested quite a bit in promotion either paid ads, professional SEO assistance. At least the one article I checked also appears on many other sites, creating actual original content rather than using news feeds or scraped content would be rewarded by the search engines. Aggregater sites just recycling others content have a much harder tine getting ranking. Looks like you are doing a lot of he right things, though free directories may have very little SEO value these days, too high percentage of such links in your profile may look spammy. One of your biggest backlink sources, promdraws.com seems to be down (database errors)
    a few seconds ago

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    • just normal rates

      by Sammy - 16 hours ago

    • do seo and increase backlinks

      by Christine - 16 hours ago

    • There are really so many option out there. From SEO to Social etc Really depends on lots of factors and the niche. However, I use Youtube as a source of untapped traffic. Millions of people watching and searching videos. The traffic can also be very well targeted.

      by Shmuel - 16 hours ago

    • Try buying traffic from some freelancer it really helps, checkout SEOclerks for low rates.

      by ? - 16 hours ago

    • Start doing bookmarking by entering keywords in place username, this will help to get the more traffic on your website, and if your website have images and videos then start sharing it. and if you want quick traffic then use paid techniques.

      by ? - 16 hours ago

    • I think you should submit your site in relevant sites as the backlinks which you get from such site are more beneficial than irrelevant on that too go for follow links or the site which provide follow links. You can also go for SMM in which you can promote your site on Facebook, twitter , LinkedIn etc. this will bring a huge change in your site's traffic

      by rohit - 16 hours ago

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      by anil chaudhari - 16 hours ago

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