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    Can somebody help me with key topics of a marketing Powerpoint for a local bike/ski shop?

    My class is conducting a survey for a local sports shop owner and i'm really stuck on what to include in a powerpoint to help promote his company
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    Shouldn't you actually wait for the results of the survey to create your PowerPoint which will show him what his current reach is, where his target clientele get their information, what their price points are, what his reputation is, etc. The PowerPoint should build off the analytical data you collect - -you can't suggest doing radio ads if his target audience uses Facebook, you may not want to target Facebook if his clientele is high end racing bikes and they use Twitter. Marketing is about data and knowing who your customer is - that is what the survey should be about and then you analyze and present with recommendations.
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    • Include information about product, price, place, or promotion. How does he see his company reaching the needs of his clientele. How does he separate his product from his competition.

      by ? - 3 hours ago

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