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    Marketing question. What are the segments in the market for dog food?

    Really lost here. Anyways that's the question.
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    The pet product market is most easily fragmented by age. Older householders are the biggest spenders on pets. Married couples without children at home, most of them empty nesters, spend 30 percent more than the average household on pets. There are two key segment of Dog Food 1. Dry pet food represents a larger segment than wet pet food, in large part due to the lower prices of dry food products, reports Global Industry Analysts. In developed markets, dry pet food demand continues to rise due to its convenience and better pricing as well as consumer awareness as to the health advantages of dry food over wet food. 2. Fresh pet food is benefiting from increasing consumer awareness as to the health benefits of fresh food. Pet owners are opting for fresh food to encourage optimal pet health. Fresh food is not exposed to high heat during the production process, boosting the food’s natural nutritional content. Raw diets are promoted for their ability to lessen allergies and as a way of treating gastrointestinal ailments. Demand for fresh pet food is also being fuelled by product innovation facilitated by technology advances. Other factors driving fresh pet food market growth include consumer concern regarding food safety following pet food recalls, convenience and strong growth in the natural/organic market segment. I have found some resources on detailed market segmentation of Dog Food you can check this.
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    • Some feed the cheapest Old Roy type foods Some try for a little better dry food Some feed canned food Some are all about organic, cooking for the pet, raw foods, no fillers, gluten free, lamb and rice they feed a pet better than most people eat

      by shipwreck - an hour ago

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