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    Please help me . Is Aliexpress a safe website?

    Is Aliexpress a safe website? i was really thinking that it was a safe site but after i search in the internet about the feedback , i'm not so sure now please i was about to do a request of 189 $ but i'm afraid that the seller is fake please help me
    5 months ago 3 Answers

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    Aliexpress is a Chinese listing site. Like Craigslist, Ebay or any other site there are legitimate sellers and there are scammers Never buy anything unless you can pay with credit cards or Paypal - so you are protected if you don't get what you order. If they want a bank transfer, Moneygram, Western Union, Greendot Moneypak or anything else, forget it. They are trying to steal your money
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Yes, I have bought things from there numerous times. It might take awhile to ship because it's usually coming from China, but I have received everything I have ever ordered from the site. But i have only bought things for $20 and under. most things on that site are cheap. What are buying that's $189? Maybe a link to the product also?

      by Tippy - 19 hours ago

    • I think it's safe, but there are some safety rules to keep in mind. check out this post: http://www.online-shopping-tips.net/ali-express/aliexpress-tips-for-beginners/

      by Diet Coke - 19 hours ago

    • Lots of negative comments, I wouldn't give them my credit card number.

      by Ricki - 19 hours ago

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