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    is it spam to write five posts that focuse only on products i want to sell through an affiliate program?

    Let's say i have a blog about psychology, and i write ninety five posts about psychology, with real information, but five out of hundred posts write solely on psychogloy books written by psychiatrists? is this a problem with google? because if you write a blog that only writes about products you want to sell, wordpress will shut down your blog, that's what i heard.
    a year ago 2 Answers

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    I don't know their formula, sounds like you would be ok with that smallish percentage of commercial posts, Automated systems may identify and count affiliate links, human reviewers may gauge the overall look, if a page looks like vegas, full of banner ads they may object. (Your using wordpress.com hosting? Google's Blogger seems more tolerant of uses of their site, though thy have some limits) Being really spammy, repeating te same words excessively, etc. may harm search ranking, I don't know if it's a actor for on page SEO, but there are lists of words to avoid using in order for emails to not get put into a spam box. http://www.leadformix.com/blog/2013/09/top-100-spam-trigger-words-and-phrases-to-avoid/
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    Other Answers

    • Don't copy any content from others

      by ? - a day ago

    • no spam up to repeated titles and description

      by Sharna - a day ago

    • without repeating same content , there is no spam

      by Daniella - a day ago

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