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    I need some feedback about my site?

    I've recently started my site www.brainqo.com I would be really grateful if you can check the site and give me your feedback about it. Thanks a lot!
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    Seems fine, I've wanted to setup a Luminosity affiliate site like that, just keep making regular additions to keep the search spiders coming around, their visit/index rates might fall in sync with your update rate. Some reference sites: http://puzz.com/ http://www.braincurls.com/ http://www.fitbrains.com/ http://www.braintraining101.com/ http://www.fi.edu/learn/brain/exercise.html http://pc.ign.com/articles/926/926539p1.html It's probably worth doing a rewrite of some 500+ word academic papers on the subject to provide more search fodder, some longer content helps ranking as well.
    a year ago

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