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    Is fairyin.com a legit website?

    The prom dresses are marked down a lot which raises red flags for me. The originial prices are very high too
    a year ago 2 Answers

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    It is a Chinese website. Buying a dress from China is very risky. The generally show up the wrong size and wrong color. They don't actually have the dresses in stock. When you place an order, they show a picture to their workers (who may actually be children) and say "make this".
    a year ago

    Other Answers

    • risky? Yes,there are some shops and suppliers supplier wrong things to you, But most are OK. If you put the order: Do you tell the supplier the size and color your need? Do you pay attention about the stock the website shows? Do you ask the delivery time? I always shopping online. almost are sufficient.

      by michael - 19 hours ago

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