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    is Toptenwholesales trustful website or a scam ?

    okay so i want to buy phone and sell them for a profit and toptenwholesales sales them cheap but i want to know if anyone has bought from that website ? if there is another website that sales original and multiple phone that are cheap please let me know
    a few seconds ago 2 Answers

    Best Answer

    The website opened in 2006. That is good. They hide their location on the registration page. That is not good. I went thru 3 pages of search engine results without finding one customer review. The name is typical of Chinese "replica" sites but it's not clear exactly where they are located. You could take a chance and see if you get decent merchandise from them. If they were scammers, someone would have reported them.
    a year ago

    Other Answers

    • You have to contact the manufacturer directly. If you want iPhones you contact the Apple office in your country and set up a wholesale account. If you want Samsung, you contact the Samsung office i your country direcly and set up an account Never buy from a third party wholesaler as they are adding in their profit. Always set up an account directly with the manufacturer

      by Kittysue - 6 hours ago

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