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    what do you think of this name for my web site?

    www.utopery.com - how much do you like this name on a scale from 1-7 (1= do not like it at all, 7=like it very much) - what do you think this web site is about, based on the name alone?
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

    Best Answer

    A good website name is worth money. If you have a good website name you should protect it. Read about copyrights and why they're necessary. If that is a good website name, you just trashed it by splashing it all over an internet message board. You have no prayer of protecting it now. Get some business education before you waste any money trying to start anything. You're a sitting duck. There are zillions of people out there waiting for you to put your money on the table so they can snatch it up.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • There is nothing with the name but as Jake said, you are going to have to do a lot of work to have your reader remember your site. Its not an impossible task, it can be done with dedication and eye catching content together with a very informative news letter.

      by Mandingo - 9 hours ago

    • There's something to be said for inventing new words that don't get millions of search results, one handy tool for generating new words like that is wordoid.com A site name that documents the subject of the siet makes it easier for users and search engines to predict what they will be seeing, abstract names may require additional Branding promotion to catch on, exact match keyword domain names like DogGrooming.com are at the other end of the spectrum, such names have given some niche site a significant search ranking boost. Can't really tell if your word is based on Utopia, or on Topery "the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes" Animal sculpture plants are classic Topery.

      by Jake - 9 hours ago

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