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    How much should you pay for a basic website to sell products?

    it started at 200-300 now its 400-500 its very basic and on top of that I have to buy the domain. help?
    a year ago 5 Answers

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    Prices are all over the place, those figures are reasonable for something custom coded, which you probably don't need, bear in mind most people who try online businesses fail, it's wise to keep the initial experiment's cost low. Testing the market at a marketplace like Amazon or Ebay would also get you more prospects that a new site, which you may find may cost as much to promote as to create. If someone starts with a pre-designed template with the shopping cart functionality in place it's not that complicated to tailor a site to your needs, you might review the designs offered at templatemonster.com
    a few seconds ago

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    • I can recommend www.handzon.com, I have used their website builder for over two years for my clients. They have an excellent ecommerce package in their Standard and Unlimited packages. These both interface to PayPal, which really helps you take payments over the internet, makes your customers feel more secure. The will give you a free consultation, as well as 15 day free trial use of the website builder. Good Luck, Mary Carmichael

      by Mary - 3 hours ago

    • Jake is right. Try to sell your products with amazon otherwise, buy a domain and download ecommerce template and plugins. NB, ask your website host to make sure your site is secured. NB: if your products are not selling now, a website is not going to make them sell. You have to angage into online marketing whick can be extremely difficult if you dont know what you doing.

      by Mandingo - 3 hours ago

    • under $30 a year need the details, drop me a message

      by J - 3 hours ago

    • Post your listings for free on ItemAuctions.com - The Free Marketplace, with no fees!

      by John - 3 hours ago

    • u pay for hosting very litte cost. starting $5 per month approximately if u r saying to pay third party to create pre-made website for you, beware there are lots of frauds going on the website since search engines hate these sites.

      by Tandl - 3 hours ago

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