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    How do I advertise a makeup artist for little to no money over the web?

    Also in local newspapers in NYC... Thanks for all your help! :-)
    a year ago 6 Answers

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    Craigslist.org is the biggest source of free advertising to locals, and is free for most categories, backpages.com may be the next biggest. Advertising makes people aware of your existence, having a presense on the internet may give you a chance to establish a reputation and get known a bit better by prospects. One could create a free Facebook business page (separate from a personal profile) with sample photos, useful tips articles, etc. along with contact info, one can use their paid advertising's demographic targeting to show ads only to local females of the right age and marriage status. Ads going to fan pages are cheaper than links to other sites. Pinterest.com the graphic gallery site popular with women would be good if you have photos to share.
    a few seconds ago

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    • your own site with before and after photos would help lots, however newspaper ads will do very little you might consider a booth or space at craft shows, home parties, flea mkts and such- then graduate to smaller malls and shopping centers and finally large malls-- but keep in mind you will be competing against the makeup artists at some of the major cosmetics stores- their people are usually highly trained in the art as well as sales- if you focus on one particular mkt you might do real well, like weddings

      by J - 21 hours ago

    • Do you have a website? If you need targeted visitors (US, Uk, etc) , I believe the best solution is planet traffic: http://www.planet-traffic.com/?3309

      by Danny - 21 hours ago

    • SEO is going to be your number one cheapest way to get great visibilty and at the same time customers.

      by Karl Skotte - 21 hours ago

    • SEO is going to be your number one cheapest way to get great visibilty and at the same time customers. If you have no knowledge in this area look it up in Google or start a low cost SEO plan with a promotion company.

      by Sofia Of MiramarOne - 21 hours ago

    • create a google local page for your website or business and search optimize it

      by Mandingo - 21 hours ago

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