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    Ebay Best offer question?

    So if i make a offer to someone on ebay and they take it do i still have to pay for the shipping if they charge shipping? For example if an item is $30 and shipping is $5. Say i made an offer and its $20 and the buyer take it do i still have to pay the $5 shipping?
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

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    Yes. Shipping charges are not included in your offer. You still have to pay it.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • You have to read the listing to see if shipping is free or extra. The terms of the listing dont change, only the price if they accept your offer. The shipping does not change if that is the actual cost just because you pay less for the item. The item does not weigh less. That may be negotiable. You can always ask.

      by Flower - 8 hours ago

    • Exactly - you have to pay for shipping

      by Peter - 8 hours ago

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