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    What is some good online auction websites alternative to eBay?

    Can anyone please help me find an auction website like eBay where I can bid buy and sell items? Also I got a few more questions if someone can please help me out. 2nd question if you can't get any help from eBay customer service is their someone over them? 3nd question I am going to give some information of a few cases that happen to me please read and give me some advice on what I can do about them? I use to love eBay but not so much anymore I have been on eBay for over 9 years sold lots of items and got lots of good feedback's from customers. In the past couple of years I have notice that many customers will ask for a full refund even when they got their items and wasn't broken I can't say that for a fact with all who have asked for a refund. Some customers who ask for a refund item may have got lost or broken in the mail but I know for a fact of 3 cases that customers got their item and wasn't broken. 1st there was this customer who emailed me using eBay message system saying she loved her item then a few weeks latter open a buyer protection case she never did message me first about wanting a refund. Anyways eBay held my money in my PayPal account were they own PayPal eBay can hold my money anytime they choose to. I contacted eBay telling their customer service the message she wrote me and if eBay don't believe me they can check for their self's the message she emailed me in eBay message system. eBay said they will look into this matter never heard back from eBay customer service chances are they never cheeked or just was going to side with the buyer anyways. 2nd I had this guy who left me a great 5 star feedback then turn around a few days latter asking me for a full refund I message the buyer asking him why did you leave me a good feedback if you was unhappy with your item and wanted a full refund he never message me back he just open a buyer protection case. I contacted eBay told their customer service the buyer left me a good feedback and then turn around open a buyer protection case eBay customer said not to worry eBay will be on my behalf. That was a lie they took the money out of my PayPal account and refund the buyer their money I again contacted eBay they said that was from another eBay department who I talked with before will have to contact that department using the same email address eBay send to me. I told eBay that email said do not reply this email don't take reply eBay customer service said not to worry about that message eBay puts that on all of their messages I thought this sounded kind of funny but I did what eBay customer service told me to do anyways that was a run around never heard back from eBay. 3rd There was this lady who paid for an item from me on eBay email me using my email address she got from my PayPal account said her son was so happy with his new toy a couple of weeks latter she open a buyer protection case I never did contact eBay about this matter they never helped me with my other cases I have had so I new chances are eBay isn't going to help me this time plus I had no prove she emailed me never left feedback and didn't email me using eBay message system the other 2 cases I had prove that they was just ripping me off All of these cases the customers got to keep my item and their money. It seems to me in the past couple of years more and more customers are trying to get free stuff I know times is hard but that is called stilling and eBay is behind them. Looks like to me eBay is more known for backing up their buyers then their sellers they should be for both at less don't seem to back up small time sellers like me I would say big businesses and power sellers they will back up because they bring eBay the most money. I still sell on eBay but not as much anymore because it's got to the point I am losing more money then what I am gaining. I sell for drop ship businesses I have to spend money up front for me to be able to list their items on eBay and plus got to spend money for eBay fees. What is good about the drop ship businesses I sell for they do track items that is one thing eBay said would help show eBay customers got their items and to help reduce buyer protection cases another lie that never helped me. 4th question Has anyone else had similar problems like this from eBay? You may be a person who loves eBay and would say that never happen that wont happen to me or I have been on eBay for a long time and never had a bad experience and that is OK if you feel that way like I said before I been on eBay for over 9 years and all of these things happen to me give it time my friend will happen to you sooner or latter. I hope nothing like this has or will happen to anyone else I never wish bad luck on nobody. Sorry for these questions being so long and thank you for taking the time to read this I hope you can help with some or all of th
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    I sell items on eBay, Amazon, ebd, Esty, Bidurway, and Webstore. I have heard of egate market never sold or have ever used their website. As far as getting the most traffic eBay is top of the line but here are some of eBay alternative websites, I will also give you information about these websites and their website address. 1, ebid: ebid was the first alternative to eBay all sellers most pay a one time sellers fee of 49.99 to be able to sell items on their website, after paying ebid fee you can sell as many items as you like for free. I have been on ebid almost 5 years I have sold over 30 items that is pretty low amount as far as the time I have spent on their website. They get most of their traffic from Google search results, when creating your listings be sure to use good key words so your listings will show up it's all about how you create your listings. eid has a few Payment gateways PayPal, Moneybrookers, and credit cards, ebid website address is, www.ebid.net/ 2, Webstore: Webstore charges all users a fee of 10.00 to get your account verified. You don't have to pay this fee but if you don't you are less likely to get your items sold. I didn't pay their fee when I first open my account never got any sells or messages after I pay their fee I started getting customers and more messages asking questions about my items. You can sell as many items as you like for free. They don't advertize their website so will take a little while before you will get any sells. I have been on their website less then 2 years and have only had 3 sells I get more customer asking questions about my items then I do sells. Once a month you will have to long into their website no matter if you have a sell or not Webstore will email you that you have a message the message will be from them and if you don't check this message in 3 days your account will have a poor rating, when you get this message you wont know until you log in if it's from Webstore or a customer. Webstore only payment gateway is PayPal. Webstore website address is, www.webstore.com/ 3, Bidurway: Bidurway is an new online auction website were you can bid, buy, sell, pay, and get paid the way you want too. They charge all users only a very small signup fee of 1.99 were they allow all users to be able to buy and sell adult items this fee helps to verify you are at less 18 years of age or older plus helps to keep down spammers. After you pay their fee you can buy and sell as many items as you like for free. At bidurway you can buy and sell anything even what other websites wont let you. Even if you would rather sell items on other websites this one is still worth signing up for because you can put in your listings other websites url that you are selling items on or put your own website address in your listings, this is the only auction website that I know of will allow you to advertize other websites. When you create listings with bidurway not only will your listings show up on their website but also will show up in blogs, other websites, and some other market places, it's like you are getting your own advertising business for only a one time fee of 1.99. Bidurway don't get as much traffic as eBay but after all they are a new auction website I feel they will in time. If you don't find what you are looking for on Bidurway come back latter they may have it. They don't have as much sellers right now and the sellers they do have get their items sold pretty fast because Bidurway advertize their website and sellers listings all over the web. They do get a lot of sells may not look like they have much come back latter their sellers may post more listings. Once Bidurway website gets more sellers I an sure they will have a full stock of all kinds of items like eBay does. I have only been on Bidurway for little over a month and have had 5 sells. Bidurway has the most payment gateways then any other auction websites PayPal, Moneybrookers, 2checkout ID, worldpay ID, Authorize ID, Authorize,net Transaction Key, and credit cards. You can also accept offline payments and still be covered by Bidurway if you didn't like your item, never got your item, or item was broken and as for Sellers if you never got paid but it's a good ideal to get paid up front, to be covered by Bidurway make sure you track your items other wise you will have have to request a refund through their payment gateways most offline payment gateways will be very hard to do this. Bidurway website address is, www.bidurway.com/ 4, eate market: egate market is a UK only auction website you most live in the UK area to be able to buy and sell items on their website. They charge all users a signup of 5.00 to verify your account, you don;t have to pay this fee but if you don't you are less likely to get any sells. They do have some sellers but most of the items that are listed on their website is coming from egate market themselves.. I don't no how much items I could sell or or how much money I could make because I can't sell on their website I don't live in the UK area. egate market Payment gates are PayPal, and credit cards. egate market website address is, www.egatemarket.com/ 5, Amazon: Amazon isn't an auction website but they do get a lot of traffic almost as much as eBay does, they only charge you after your item is sold I have made plenty of money on Amazon and less buyers wanting a refund they don't get as much spammers on their website like eBay does. They only have one payment gateway for Amazon to pay you after your item is sold bank account ones you get a sell they will you send your money and plus shipping cost to your bank account. They have a couple of payment gateways for Amazon sellers fees with credit cards or bank account your choose I have been on Amazon for almost 11 years and have had to many sells to count Amazon website address is, www.amazon.com/ 6, Esty: Esty also isn't an auction website they charge all sellers 0.05 per a listing every 3 months if your item hasn't sold in 3 months plus 0.05 percent before and after your item is sold. Esty is good place for you if you want to sell hand made goods that is what they are more known for. Esty only payment gateway is PayPal. Esty website address is, www.esty.com/ I hope this helps you. Good Luck!
    a year ago

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    • Buy cheap software www.crazybargainz,com

      by Genius - 3 hours ago

    • I found out about AuctionZing recently -- looks really promising: auctionzing.com

      by Chelsea - 3 hours ago

    • Post your listings for free on ItemAuctions.com - The Free Marketplace, with no fees!

      by John - 3 hours ago

    • 1. There are other auction sites, yes. None of them have 150 million users. You can list your stuff there, but the odds that you will sell it are microscopic. 2. No. 3. If you have the same problem with several buyers, you need to look at your buiness processes. Are you using Delivery Confirmation on every package? If not, your buyers could be filing false INR claims because you've made yourself vulnerable to it. Are you packing your fragile items properly using high-quality packing materials? There's no excuse for an item bring broken in shipment. Take a hard look at this drop-shipping arrangement. The drop-shipper is in control of the fulfillment, but you're the one taking the blame for their failures. I would quit that right now. I have never drop-shipped nor would I ever for this very reason. You may have had 3 PITA buyers or they may have had a legit beef, even though they seemed happy at first. You don't know since you didn't pack and ship their items. Regardless, eBay will sanction you if you don't get your act together. eBay is actively hostile to all sellers -- even PowerSellers and TRS -- who are not national stores. eBay loves to suspend sellers' accounts without warning or explanation. I recommend that you only sell items that you have in hand and ship yourself, and do the job from sourcing to listing to fulfillment to the absolute best of your ability.

      by Anonymous - 3 hours ago

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