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    Would it be a bit much if I put google adwords ads on my online handbag store?

    Also what type of ads would be appropriate? I don't want to annoy my customers at the same time
    a year ago 3 Answers

    Best Answer

    Some will tell you that is cannibalizing your customers for a couple of cents ad revenue, the worst mistake some have made is having Adsense on their check out page, which competitors can specifically target with a "Check out price" ad placement. Some sites need to have 10,000 visitors to earn the $100 min. payout from Adsense, many ecommerce sites never get that amount of traffic. Adding drop-shipper provided accessories would be an alternative way to add revenue without sending prospects to other sites.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • You are talking about Adsense. You can apply for Google Adsense in display network. If your website has only content and you don't sell anything there, you can approach your industry for which you have content. If you are selling something on your website, try to display different but relevant ads otherwise your all visitors will skip your website and land to ads only.

      by Linda - 8 hours ago

    • 1. I think you mean AdSense. You would use AdWords if you wanted to put ads on other peoples websites or in Google search results 2. If someone clicks on an AdSense ad it opens in the same window, so the person practically leaves your store. 3. Jake is right, the earnings from AdWords are relatively low, check out http://webgilde.com/en/how-much-does-adsense-pay/ 4. I would not recomment using external ads in your online store, because it not only drives away customers, but takes space. Anyway, to keep an open mind there might be a reason to do so. If you have very specific traffic from people who obviously don’t want your products, but something similar that you don’t offer, e.g. "umbrellas that fit into ones handbag". You might try to put affiliate ads on the landing pages those people are visiting. The art is now to identify those visits :)

      by Ranzin - 8 hours ago

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