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    best domain hosting & registration company?

    what is the best and reliable domain name providing site available?
    a year ago 9 Answers

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    • Try HostSavor, connection is just too fast! http://hostsavor.com/billing/aff.php?aff=015

      by Passel - an hour ago

    • Godaddy is awful. I'm switching from 1and1 to netlync. 1and1 is a horrible company they increase the price every year and even made it ridiculous difficult to transfer a domain. Had to read a long tutorial because they tried to hide it so deep.

      by J - an hour ago

    • Http://www.jbitsolutions.co.uk launched in mid-2013 and offer: web design, web hosting (free and paid), VPS hosting, game servers and domain names. I'm looking for some feedback on what's good, what's not so good, thing that could be changed, added, removed etc. For those that give detailed and constructive feedback, we will give you a discount on any service you are interested in. Many thanks Joe JB I.T Solutions

      by Joe B - an hour ago

    • For Domain registrar : Godaddy, Namecheap, Netlynxinc.com, Bigrock For Hosting : Hostgator, bluehost, godaddy, justhost

      by jishan - an hour ago

    • there has been so many buyouts over the past couple years, you really need to do your homework. registration = go with whomever will do it cheap, then after 60 days (ICANN policy) move it to name.com--btw...while the registration is moving your site will not stop working hosting = many previously good hosts are now horrible because of buyouts and OVER SELLING their servers.to maximize profits - just left one mentioned by others (fast domain / bluehost) godaddy servers are not setup standard and many things don't work right there. check the wp support forums to verify http://wordpress.org how you can tell a host is overselling by reading their ToS and policy statements-- look for terms like cpu throttling, inode limits - which are sure giveaways a good hosting company only limits your site if you have some script like a "cron job" or poorly coded plugin that has run away, then they will most likely disable them so that others you share the server with don't suffer take a look at whom i suggest now for hosting: http://bypasshost.com

      by J - an hour ago

    • Google and Amazon both use markmonitor.com which probably provides extra brand protection. The typical internet marketer is more likely to use Godaddy or Namecheap, be aware that Godaddy charges huge "investigation fees" to deal with site complaints, etc. if operating on the shady side it may not be the best choice, they also start tacking on extra renewal fees 10 days? after an name has expired, others give you more leeway, it's easier to get a Godaddy registered domain into their domain name auction.

      by Jake - an hour ago

    • Godaddy,is the best domain hosting & registration company.

      by Karl Skotte - an hour ago

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