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    How do I get more traffic to my blog?

    I am a Psychology Student who has a Love, Life, and Relationship blog. I have been helping people for sometime now work on small issues; mainly relationship issues and how to be better with attraction techniques. I am a Life Coach Currently as I cannot hold the title Counselor until I graduate. I am just looking to drive traffic into my site so I can get new potential client and viewers. Any Ideas?? I have done blog commenting, answering questions and passing my link, working on youtube, Have the All in One SEO plug-in on my blog, submitted to Google and Bing. I am trying but I am not getting many results however traffic is picking up SLOWLY. I am working on my content as I know this is key and I am staying away from tags as I was informed this could over rank me and push me out of the money slot.
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    Content is king. Social Media is important, too. Get guest blog writers, preferably with some sort of authority. Get links to your website from other websites; the more relevant and legitimate the better. Do keyword research with semrush.com. Track all of your analytics with googleanalytics and websitestats.us (for PageRank and Alexa Rank) and BENCHMARK. On a side note, I have a similar blog. I'd love to do guest blogging and share links! I'll email you the website so I don't get flagged for spam haha.
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    • For greatest SEO results My spouse and i highly recommend utilizing Google Search Bot: http://is.gd/gsbsoftware Employing this application I've got placed my web site to first page of Google on a extremely high competitive search phrase.

      by ? - 9 hours ago

    • For ideal WEB OPTIMIZATION outcomes My partner and i recommend using Google Search Bot: http://is.gd/gsbsoftware Utilizing that application I've got graded our website to first page of Google on a very high competitive keyword.

      by ? - 9 hours ago

    • with seo , you can get more traffic

      by Abbiegail - 9 hours ago

    • In case you are a great writer: learn about Google advanced search operators. Then, try the following: Type in google search (forgive me yahoo for this): write for us site:.edu guest post site:.edu submit article site:.edu and many more combinations. Actually, I recommend you to collect a list of websites related to psychology (where your audience and potential clients dwell) and write for them as well. Use links to your email, twitter or google+ etc. and put the link to your website if it fits well. As long as you are a real student you won't get any troubles to write for EDU sites.

      by MHanski - 9 hours ago

    • To get more traffic from your blog, you would need to offer a lot of value to your readers. Don't just write and try to keep up with the search engines. Write to add value to the market place. After you write a post, share it with the world. Submit your post to as many places that are a match to what you have to offer. Just make sure not to spam anyone or communities. You can learn a lot more by going over to the http://www.warriorforum.com/ There are tons of threads on this subject.

      by Rory S - 9 hours ago

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