Why is someone elses web site address showing up on an ad on yahoo for my business?

This is my business on Yahoo, but this is not the correct web address for my company. Our web address is Who changed it to ?

Soundview Property Management

Property Management

5775 Soundview Dr, Ste 102, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Cross Streets: Between Gig Harbor Villa Apartments and Olympic Dr

(253) 514-6520

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Sorry it's not perfectly clear whether you actually meant a paid Tahoo Advertisement, or one of their other listings...

I do see the discrepancy in the free Yahoo Local listing,

There is probably an online form for reporting errors, which might be a foul up of their automated system, or the result of some sport of hijacking.

On the Google version you can "claim" your local listing in order to enhance and modify it, it someone else managed to claim to be the operator they would have the power to directly edit the information, (at least Google local confirms business ownership with a mailed postcard or phone call)

3 months ago