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    Legitimate site to buy website traffic?

    I've seen a lot of sites out there that offer to send visitors to your website for a reasonable fee. Unfortunately, the few I have checked out had bad reviews with complaints that only a small percentage of the traffic paid for went to the site or they were using bots to generate the traffic. Does anyone know of a legitimate place to buy website traffic? Have you had any success with any particular company? Thanks
    8 days ago 5 Answers

    Best Answer

    Why would you want to buy traffic? If all you're getting is hits, who cares? You want actual people who care about what you have to say - you can't "buy" that. Create good content people might actually use and share with others - that's the best way to get exposure. Give it away and promote it in relevant places, and people will come to you naturally if what you have to say is any good. Valuable traffic is earned not purchased.
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    Other Answers

    • This website may help you

      by kimberlee - a day ago

    • You are right. Most of them have bad reviews but I have a very good experience with one service provider.I hope you can learn something about that from the following website.

      by Emran - a day ago

    • For finest SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING outcomes My partner and i recommend using Google Search Bot: http://is.gd/gsbsoftware Applying that software package We have positioned our web site to first page of Google on a extremely high aggressive search term.

      by ? - a day ago

    • If your buying organic website traffic it can help your website. Just don't buy bot traffic. If it's keyword targeted organic website traffic you actually have a decent chance of making sales. The traffic from these guys comes from google,yahoo,facebook,etc. It can help increase your alexa rank, google pagerank for keywords/phrases and boost sales, and sign ups. It wont hurt your seo rankings but it will actually help increase them.

      by Caridad - a day ago

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