Really nice restaurant website ideas?

I am looking for something really classy here. Something real different. All ideas are welcome though.

3 months ago - 3 answers

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a restaurant is one of the most local searched items there is, and that search is most likely on a phone- so whatever theme you choose make sure that the nav menu, "mobile ready" ,sidebar slides out to the side and does not drop down below regular content

with some major modifications the 2014 theme will do that.

3 months ago

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Website designing themes are changing as per demand, website designer help you explore your ideas, if you have your own classy touch better to deliver to web designer.

by Rebecca - 3 months ago

For a restaurant website, best idea for website design would be a big banner on the top with moving images of your restaurant , the food, etc. Below the banners, you can have classy boxes for your specials.

by Abhay Khurana - 3 months ago