Is there a good website i can use to advertise my business through text messing/sms? I have like 800,000 #s?

I have like 800,000 #s of customers who have used my business in the past and wanted a quick way to contact them about current services provided

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Twilio - you can use them for bulk messaging.

The real problem is that you should test for small number of customers to see how they react on this.

3 months ago

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I can tell you I got spammed by a business that I bought from several times, and I will never buy from them again because of it. Not only that, I warned quite a few people I work with not to ever buy from them as they are spammers. Tread carefully, there is a fine line between advertising and spamming.

by Wmarc - 3 months ago

i agree there is a fine line id blast out no more than a few times a month at MOST.. i have tried this with my tattooing site.. it works but be careful

by jered - 3 months ago