How much money can I make from ads on adult blog?

I've been blogging for fun and it's currently on but it does not allow ads on adult content. And I'm asking cos I wanna know is it worth to transfer to my own website.

My blog gets 100 - 700 page views a day. It can vary but it's about 300 on average. Traffic is consistent tho.

I'm planning to just put ads on there and maybe eventually an affiliate store or promotions but for now just ads, if it's worth it.

Would appreciate help from anybody who has had an adult blog (or any type of blog really, you know better than me about these stuff) or just knows internet marketing/business and knows what he is talking about.

Thanks! :)
That's nice, thanks, but it wasn't what question was about. I'm sure I will find a way how to make money and transfer my blog but how much with my traffic?
Also why exactly do I need a entrance page? I see a lot of porn sites don't have them. Hostagator, where I wanan host my page, does not seem to require it in their TOS neither does low of my country or, as much as I know of US.

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get your own site with hosting, transfer all of your content from the current site, IF you can do a 301 redirect from your current site, If you can't do a normal 301, then make a new home page with a link to your new site

make sure you place an entrance page onto your new site that requires visitors to state they are of appropriate age, then instead of looking at ads for your newsite think products for sale or affiliate links.

btw... Amazon has adult products and there are some really great WP Amazon plugins to maximize that traffic. don't want to advertise the plugins, but if you pm me i'll share the names of the ones i use--

3 months ago

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I'm earning a lot of money with my adult website just using few methods...banners, popups and popunder, interstitial adv and so on. I wrote a post on the same website explaining how I was earning, also showing payment proof and other details. Just give a look if you want,
this is the link:

by Shana - 2 weeks ago