How to earn in website?

I want to know how to earn in website. I have created few websites I want to know how to earn from them.
like the others which earn few hundred dollars a month

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Revenue from displaying advertisements is certainly most common, influential bloggers with high traffic can also be paid for writing product reviews, etc. Google adsense is the most common ad revenue source for smaller operators, small but you still need in some cases 10,000 visitors to reach the min $100 payout level, one account can be used for multiple sites so that payout comes sooner.

Larger traffic sites can rent banner ad space through brokers like or, and of course there are ecommerce sites where you sell stuff, finding reliable low cost suppliers allowing healthy profit margins is key.

Traffic is key, treating a site like a publishing business that is truly valuable to your visitors helps to grow it's popularity and search ranking.

3 months ago

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Better to go through some paid compaign like Google Adwords, Facebook ads campaign, banner etc.These all are best way to grab traffic and money as well, from the web world in a minimum time.

by Rebecca - 3 months ago

I think better way is you should seo of your site and worked on hard and promote site on facebook google+, yahoo, twitter ,and other social media i think that you know .forum posting , blog comments etc

by Akhtar - 3 months ago