When I enter the website in my company gives me another website, there is another breakthrough from the site,?

When I enter the website, gives me another website, there is another breakthrough from the site, what solution

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james is right but what that implies is your registrar or hosting provider has been hacked.

if it is the registrar, login to your account, remove the 301 redirect, and change your account password to something very strong 15 characters is advised.

if your hosting provider, do the same thing with your cPanel account.

weak passwords are the number 1 reason for these things

3 months ago

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Ask the developer of this website. The site has not been properly uploaded in the server on this domain.

by Abhay Khurana - 3 months ago

your site is being redirected to the medical site.
same happened with indian mumbai police site. it was redirected to uk bridal site.
check redirect 301 on your website. it specifies that the website will redirect to another site.

by james - 3 months ago

Check if it is being redirected or not. I think it is the issue.

by Baldev Sinh - 3 months ago

contact to your website developer, and tell the problem.

by sourabh - 3 months ago

Contact with the developer or web hosting company who has uploaded this site, either it has not been renewed or domain name changed for older one.

by Rebecca - 3 months ago