How to Get back keyword postions?

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Recently i got iphone related keywords(6 keywords) 30-40 position in Google, but i lost all my keywords before one week, not getting till now..can you explain how to get back my keyword positions and why im lost those keywords???

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There can be many reasons for that:

1. Google penalty.
To check this, login to your Google webmaster account for this website and look for any messages by Google)

2. Duplicate content on the website
To check this, copy 2 lines from the site and paste it in gouge like this "content" . If only 1 search result is found, i.e. ,your website. then it is fine or else duplicate.

3. Over optimisation of exact match keywords
To check, see the back links of the website and the number of links made on anchor text

4. Might be an issue of Honmeymoon period.

To get to know more, email me your website and keywords that were earlier ranking and i will let you know the exact problem.

3 months ago

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May that keywords are overstuffed and met with a penalty by search engine. Try to analysis on that with the help of SEO experts. The other reason for losing those keywords, due to competitor's good backlinking strategy which create cause for your keywords.

by Thomas - 3 months ago

First of all try to undo changes that you have made and see that you get the same position ( 30-40 as you have mentioned) if every thing goes right remove the changes.
their can be 2 possibility of losing ranking 1st check for your content evaluate it by using seo tools and 2nd is your back link make quality & Relative back links. ( if still you face the same issue approach to a seo experts). For information on SEO you can visit ::


by Kalish - 3 months ago


You should website analysis & Find Problems then start work.

by Vinay Analyst - 3 months ago

When I enter the website, gives me another website, there is another breakthrough from the site, what solution

by Ali - 3 months ago

Friend-----You can use daily on page optimization like meta tag optimization and you can use daily post 1 article and blog and lastly you can use daily search engine submission for daily by daily Google crawling.

by Star Web Maker - 3 months ago

may be you over-optimizing the specified page.

research the keywords again.
title and desc. not less than desired length.
do the link building techiques.
such as bookmarking
blog posting
article posting

by james - 3 months ago