Selling domain names on ebay?

I bought this domain name a while back, and I want to sell it on ebay. Can i sell it on ebay? It is not a developed site. So basically, im just selling the name itself. Can i do this. If so, how?

3 months ago - 3 answers

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yes, just list it there in the proper category, but you would be better served to either develop and use it or sell it on digital point-- that is assuming it has value- why don't you edit your question and list the url of it?

3 months ago

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ive seen it and I listed one myself but didn't sell and glad no fake bidding on it

by mike o - 3 months ago

You can also sell a domain on flippa.

BTW, what is your domain name??

by Abhay Khurana - 3 months ago