Are social exchange websites safe?

There are some websites where you can get free Facebook likes, Tweeter follows or YouTube subscibers and alot more...

I have been using one of these sites of my old YouTube account, and I can say that I got about 200 subscribers. I will not post any links here because I don't want to advertise, however I am still wondering if it's "safe" to use them.

I was thinking though that there is no legit and illegit ways on promoting your contect while if you try to help your work to be promoted it's legit, in any way.

In other words, it might be "unfair" I don't know how to express it, I need your opinion on that, if it's safe and legit or waste of time.

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You want people who are genuinely interested in what you are offering. Having the subscriber number grow looks great, but if they are pretend people who'll never return and recommend you to their friends, then it is pretty useless.

These sites may or may not hurt you, but definitely will not help you, as I mentioned above. Google watches these sort of sites and those that continue to operate in a harmless fashion exist, but anything they offer has no value in rankings. Many of them will eventually be suspended. Google wants to connect people with what they want, which is about a site being optimized for the keywords that someone is searching for. It is not simply about having a large following.

5 months ago

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Yes most of them are safe.

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