How we increase product sales by SEO ?

Please suggest me the steps to increase the sales of my software product by SEO.

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SEO doesn't create product sales...usually. Depends what you're selling. Most successful business owners make people get to know them my metering out expert level content that helps their audience with information. When they know who can offer more value besides the product they buy. Hardly anybody buys on the first visit to a website. SEO is only temporary anyway. But you can get something up on the first page fast naturally, for longer periods of time and lead them to more information and a sale. Starts with top content people are looking for. It's not how many people you get to your site, it's what king of a person sees it.

5 months ago

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Use Social media for product promotions.

by jhon - 5 months ago

Well there are 4 steps:
1st and most important is to build tight on-page optimization - internal links, images, texts, etc
2nd - you need to build off-page optimization - submit to sites as CNet, PCMag, etc via PAD file
3rd - you need to run AdWords ads for contextual keywords related to your product (this step is optional)
4th - you need to run remarketing campagin on AdWords to target your site users that didn't download your product (this step is optiotional)

As you can see first 2 steps are important and next are optionals. But you need to read lot of articles about this.

by Peter Nikolow - 5 months ago

1.keyword research
(what's getting the traffic? what's easy to rank for also,20 keywords or less you don't want to over do it)
2.onsite optimization
(internal/onsite keywords in script pages and post categories permalink's/SEO friendly URLS ).
2.a. keywords in titles at the beginning of the page roughly 3% density or less throughout, all articles are free from grammatical error and 350 words plus
3.submit to Google Yahoo and Bing for indexing,
(not as necessary these days, but still worth doing )
4. contextual do-follow back links involving your keywords from high page rank websites (pr 5 and higher)
(quality not quantity)
easily done with article submission

resources pr 7 pr 7 pr 8 pr 6 pr 6
make sure they are do-follow though some directories may not

there are lots of other things you can do but that is a good place to start

by justin - 5 months ago

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by Thomas - 5 months ago