Is there anyway I can get someone else design my business cards?

I cannot for the life of me find businesses that do this. It's always I do it and change the format around with a generic background. The generic background I don't mind but I want to use my photos but I can't use them as they are and I'm not good at photoshop and the like. I'd like for there to be someone to pick out my photos then change them around a little bit so they would match a corresponding background.

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Firstly you need to get good quality photos, which you could get from a local photographer. If you're not good at photoshop, try a freelancing website like fiverr, elance or odesk and get someone to adjust the photos the way you want them. Then as Cathi K suggested, it's a simple matter to go to vistaprint and use their layouts to create your business cards

5 months ago

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There are business card places all over the place. Try You can get 250 cards for the cost of shipping.

by Cathi K - 5 months ago

I would love to help you design your cards.

If you would like you can email me at

by jay - 5 months ago

You can easily find freelances who offer these kind of services online. Contact them for a free quotation. Communicate your requirements to them. Make sure they can offer the desired outcome. You can also ask to see their portfolio and read customers' testimonies.

by Malcolm - 4 months ago