Question about selling on ebay?

the 2 bidders I have currently stopped bidding. I have 5 more days left until the item I'm am selling ends. Do I just wait the 5 days or do I take the highest bid now. I want at least 20 more dollars for the item I'm selling. do you think they will start bidding again tomorrow or something. what should I do?

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you wait until the 5 days are over. 99% of bids come in in the last 5 minutes of the auction.


5 months ago

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some people wait til last second to bid so I would wait unless you need money asap but since it is the holiday weekend some people might not pay as quick....

by Angel - 5 months ago

Unless you messed up your listing in some manner, you should almost always just let your auction go. Often times, auctions won't get a majority of their bids until the final hours. So, considering you have 5 days left, you probably don't have anything to worry about.

Good luck with your auction!

by Jacob M. - 5 months ago

There is no such thing as "taking the highest bid now." If you end the auction early, you cancelled it and no one owes you anything. The auction must run to completion to be a binding contract.

by GinoParisian - 5 months ago

Based on what you are saying in your question, you needed to sell your item differently. If you had a reserve (lowest amount you would be willing to sell the item for) you needed to add a reserve price to the auction <or> you could have sold it using "buy it now" and set the price (no chance of getting more though).

You must leave your item up for the entire amount of time you made the auction for (this is also selectable on all the pages you fill out before posting the item). You cannot stop the auction early and sell it to someone.

I'd advice you take your time and read all the inputs when you sell an would have gotten more along the lines of what you were looking for. Just wait until your auction is over, wait for payment, and send it to the winning bidder no matter what the highest bid is (unless you put a reserve bid amount in your post, you don't have the right to withhold the item from someone who won the auction).

by Pam - 5 months ago