Youtube, good or bad for advertising?

Im looking to promote an affiliate product, I just wanted to know if Youtube is really an effective method for advertising?

Another quick question,
Do people really pay attention to the links posted in a youtube video's description?

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Yes - YT is good source for advertising. Also people click on links there. But in case that they didn't click you can put links OVER video so if they click to go in your site.

5 months ago

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Youtube can be a good traffic driver, having the right descriptive text makes a big difference in getting found by searches within Youtube.

They require you to provide some useful content, not just a straight commercial, keeping it short might get more completed views counted, which is a ranking factor.

by Jake - 5 months ago

YT is really good for advertising you can get more traffic from youtube

by jhon - 5 months ago

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by sanjay - 5 months ago

Hello my friend!!
YouTube is open website where you can easily upload your videos.Now it is up to the video that it is positive or negative.If the video is positive than obviously people will take in positive way and same for the negative side.But for the sake of advertising some people use it by the bad way that they provoke people by seeing these type of content.
Otherwise if you want to promote your product then just upload it.
Goodluck :)

by Thomas - 5 months ago

How can I check an offshore company's reliability?

by Artur Ghazaryan - 5 months ago