how often should if post in a blog for seo?

search engine love active blog, is two/three times a week enough?

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Since google loves 'freshness' in blog posts, its important to post often. For the frequency, 2-3 times is enough. But, its more important to focus on the quality of the content. Don't sacrifice quality for quantity.

Get good or the best content you can and post accordingly. I dont mean that you have to be a perfectionist. But, dont post 100-200 blog posts that dont add value or aren't unique enough. Search engines (like google) wont rank you and more importantly your blog visitors wont care. Repeat visitors is what you should be aiming for.


5 months ago

Other Answers the thing is that the content should be original..

by chris - 5 months ago

dialy...because blog posting is very good for the thing is that the content should be unique and orignal

by rob - 5 months ago

You should post on a daily basis for the maximum benefit.

by Roger - 5 months ago