Whats the difference between PR Ranks - SEO?

So, I'm trying to do SEO for my site and I'm looking for advice. I see lots of people say I will give "x" amount of PR9 links and lots saying they will give "x" amount of PR2 links, however I am not sure which ones are better. Which one should I be looking to go for?

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Well PR9 is much better than PR2. But the real problem is that you will find an sites from your own niche. For example - if you are in insurance industry isn't good to get backlinks from PR9 site that is about military equipment. That links even can hurt your site! As soon as Google understand this you may get "unnatural linking" message from them and you are already in deep troubles!

That's why if you are in process of purchasing links you should evaluate them first and then consider purchasing.

6 months ago

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Several times in the past few months, I’ve written about new Google features where PageRank was involved. Unfortunately, Google itself has very poor information about PageRank that I could use for those wanting to learn more about it. To solve that, here’s a guide to PageRank, designed for searchers and site owners alike.

by chris - 6 months ago