What are the limits of Blogging?

Like what can I write and what cant I write? What I want to do is post chapters (word for word) from one of my favorite books and then at the bottom write my opinions on that chapter. Is that illegal? Like some kind of copywrite or something.. I dont know. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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You can't republish other people's work. You can provide select passages though.

Recopying the entire chapter of a book isn't valuable to many. Blogging should add content, not repeat it.

6 months ago

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You cannot post the individual chapters - that is copyright infringement, You can, however, post your comments on each chapter and hope your readers have read the chapter/book.

by Steve D - 6 months ago

Quotes are ok, but posting full chapters (without the authors consent) can get you in copyright infringment trouble.

by Oscar Austin - 6 months ago