How can i create own blog.?

Hi ! Actually i m working in SEO Field for two month, But I don't know How can I create My own blog,Please suggest me. How i create my own blog.

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You can create your blog by using some popular and must important high PR sites like wordpress, blogger and weebly.

step 1 - Do sign up on this
step 2- write address for your blog
step 3- choose theme for you blog
step 4 - write description and title for your blog
step 5- lastly publish your blog and you can also add image and link on your blog.

6 months ago

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Free at hosts like Google's or

$12 a year if you add a custom domain name to look more professional and allow you to preserve the site when changing hosts.

Most serious users have free wordpress on a paid host costing $4 to $9 a month, those with cpanel/fantastico have easy wordpress installation, without the minor limitations of the free hosted version, some 17% of the top 1 Million sites use Wordpress.

by Jake - 6 months ago

If you don't wanna pay you can create a blog at ''. You can also create one in '' although the account is limited and can only be used for a specific time like 1 or 2 years. On the other hand, if you want to really own one and not have those extension address, for example '' or '' then you can create one at WordPress. However, there is a charge for it. I believe it is $12/year.

by Go4D_Goal - 6 months ago

Many types of sites are providing the free blogs for us. But free blogger and website both have many difference. Website gives the best results and business for you but in Blog its possibilities are very less so i don't think if you want blog for the business then you must create website.

by Rajveer Singh Rathore - 6 months ago

There are some CMS applications for you to build a blog such as Blogspot, Weebly and WordPress.
And the one I'd like to recommend to you (as I have used all of them) is WordPress.
It is a totally free platform which supports lots of free WordPress Themes and Plugins.
And the theme for my site is downloaded from
It is free, responsive and clean.

by Charlie - 6 months ago