Where do I find a website that will generate an image based on text I enter?

I am looking for a website that will (for example) take the name "john" and incorporate it into the Chicago Skyline -

Something like this - anyone know what its called?

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"into the Chicago Skyline" -- those letters would be really big, no? I'd apply for a Permit, first.

6 months ago

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That particular example probably required several manual steps using a sophisticated editor like Photoshop.
There are online photo editors where you can type over images looking like stenciled on lettering, or but I don't know that you will find one that can do 3D look lettering or embossed effects. Someone at can do it for you for a big $5.

Using the web search free online editor text effect
I did find candidates like this online tool one that renders 3D styled text:

To be more sophisticated you can download the poor man's photoshop GIMP for free, there are plugins that auto generate fancy title text effects you can insert in a layer abi your photo.

by Jake - 6 months ago