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    Ebay Automatic Bid? Help please?

    First question: Let's say I found an iPod for $50. I place a bid and it goes to $51. I also place an automatic bid for $75. No one bids on the item. So I win. Do I have to pay the $51 or the $75? Second Question: It's 10 seconds until the bidding is over. The bid is at $26, I place a bid for a $27, but it says "You have been out bidded". Though, I wasn't because there is no one else that bidded. So, do I win the item or does that other person win with the highest maxium bid win (Even though I was the last one to bid)?
    a few seconds ago 1 Answer

    Best Answer

    $51. "(Even though I was the last one to bid)? " -- If there was an automatic bid maximum that exceeds your "last physical bid", you lose.
    a few seconds ago

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