Ebay Automatic Bid? Help please?

Let's say I found an iPod for $50. I place a bid & I also place an automatic bid for $75. No one bids on the item. So I win. Do I have to pay the $50 or the $75?

6 months ago - 3 answers

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See the "Tom and Laura" example on eBay's official page... $ 12.50 wins:


6 months ago

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$75 because the product cost $50 but you placed $75 bit and you cant get those money back like in game of 'Poker' when you place bid you can't get it back.

by DawidVioMinecrafter - 6 months ago

Wow, usually when I use an automatic bid, the bid just increases itself by a dollar or fifty cents :P but if you won the bid, I'd have to say $75, if the automatic bidding was that high

by Hairul - 6 months ago