What should I name my blog?

I'm going to start a blog on how to look great at a reasonable price. I will be posting about cheap finds for clothing as well as drugstore duplicates for name brand make up. So far I've come up with Chic 4 Cheap but I feel like the word 'cheap' may be frowned upon. Any suggestions?

6 months ago - 2 answers

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i think "best things in a lesser price" would be good. it may be long but it does attract possible clients.


6 months ago

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One amusing thing to play up here might be to use 'cheep' (as in what a 'chic' might say...) I would wonder if an actual title like 'hatching chic' with a following slogan like 'cheep from the first' ((not actually recommending that - just giving you the general idea...) might be effective. I wouldn't explicitly put low-price ref in a style-savvy model EXCEPT as a humorous reference...

by Robert M. - 6 months ago