Is it true that this method can make my website show up on the front page of google in just 7 minutes?

Ok so I was watching a video from a guy YouTube who says if you follow his exact methods you should be able to get your website on the front page of google in just 7-10 minutes. He did a live demonstration and even showed proof.

Basically what you do is have keywords on your website like you normally would but what makes this different is you use google businesses to list your website for a keyword on your website that has no businesses listed under that keyword.

This forces google to list your website on the front page as a business instead of a regular website. But it still shows up for that certain keyword on the first page. How do you suppose that works and would it still work today? I checked the guys keywords out and his websites are still number 1 on the google searches.

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It's not exactly like this...

The truth is that Google indexes immediately any post or local business that is added in Google+ or takes a +1.

As a result if you have a local business with your name "my business" and you submit your website in Google+ Local for business , it's really easy to just search for your business name and Google will bring it to the results...

Hope i've helped

8 months ago

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Yes you can, if you use High Profile Site (Compitition<10000)

by Ashraf - 8 months ago