SEO question about titles of posts?

Having a blog that only consists of posts that are quotes one to two sentences long as a post. What is the best way to title a post that is so repetitive. Let's say I post 2000 life quotes, what is the best way to Title these? Also I'm using wordpress. Something I need to know, so if a year down the road I have 4000 blog posts with a bad title then have to redo or change them.

Would it be okay to title the posts ; Life Quote 1, Life Quote 2, Life Quote 3 etc..? Or is this a horrible idea for seo?

Thanks in advance, I will choose best answer, :)
First of all thank you Peter, and Asilis. I probably could have been a little more clear about my quotes and my problem. Although I do understand a little bit of what you mean the only problem is - These quotes are New as in they are newly made up quotes not something someone has already said. So I'm confused about how to title them being that wordpress uses categories etc. So I'm really confused to be honest. As you said Peter if I was using "Albert Einstein" what u said makes alot of sense, but since I'm just using, Lobe quote,life quotes etc I'm lost. Either way that kind you both for the knowledge and help.

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Life Quote 1 and so on is terrible idea.

You can do it this way:
Url should be
Title should be Albert Einstein Quotes
on page you should have one H1 tag with content Albert Einstein
and all his quotes should be as H2 - "E=mc²" and bellow with explanation when and where this is said, link to external sites and links to other categories/tags.

This is almost perfect on-page SEO optimized page. If you're doubt check WikiQuote about their approach - it's same.


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Your titles should be only 3 words. Make them best as much you can to cache people's attention. Unique keywords will do one part of SEO and other part are people ( will spread your word )

Measure website traffic with Google Analytics and improve what works and cut off what doesn't.

Take care

by Alex M. - 8 months ago

Peter gave a really nice answer!

I will personally add that you have to use a lot LSI keywords if your are going to post a lot of similar things.

What is LSI? LSI is the short term of Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. This means that you have to use similar relevant keywords throughout your posts and not the exact same to H1 , H2 , H3 , bold .... etc

This is really really important for SEO and Google especially.

by Vasilis Stergiou - 8 months ago

This is the general idea when figuring out your titles.

First of all, these titles show up on the search engines and so you would want people to have an idea of what they are about to click. This is a basic thing in providing good user experience.

Second, your title should be determined by your keyword/market research. Meaning, you will need to know what titles people need and not what you think are best. Keep in mind that you are creating a website for other people (sometimes for search engines as well). But if you can provide what the audience need, everything else follows (including your SEO rankings, and traffic)

So to identify the best keywords, analyze your topic
1. Visit related forums and see what terms do actual people are using
2. Check out related blogs (or competitors) and check their titles, link profiles, and comments. Believe me, sooner or later you would want to improve based on the top blog on your niche.. So why not do it earlier by analyzing them.
3. When searching in Google, pay attention to the suggestion terms.. or else visit ubersuggest to expand your keyword ideas
4. Go to LSIkeywords to check for keyword variations that you can use not just on the titles but perhaps on the body as well.
5. Check free Google tools to make sure your terms are actually being searched -Use Google keyword planner, Trends, and Insights
6. Use free tools such as Traffic Travis to check the difficulty to rank (or get traffic)
7. Complete all of your Google Analytics and Webmaster tools profiles to see if your current titles are becoming searchable. Then you can make adjustments based on the data provided.
8. Use SEO plugins (choose between Yoast and All in one SEO) both are good to keep your tags in line with the standards.
9. Perhaps have somebody else check on your titles to know the initial impressions.
10. The type of content you are planning to publish is commonly shared in social media. So check Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Google for possible terms.

Also, if those posts are really short, try to add graphics, info graphics, and videos. All of these can also make use of the tags/keywords resulting from your research.

Finally keep in mind that you can always change your titles and content based on data from Webmaster and Analytics. Adjust accordingly based on the behavior of your readers. If you need more idea on what I'm talking about, check out my ebook on market/keyword research in my blog Del Asks dot com

by Richard - 8 months ago

Use a keyword tool.
Using a tool in order to determine the keywords of your site would go a long way, as far as using SEO as one of the techniques to gain more website traffic is concerned. There are lots of keywords tools that you can take advantage of today. Whatever type of tool you want to make use of, make sure that it is effective, so that you won’t be wasting your time on it.

by Hank - 6 months ago