why do they advertise drugs that so many side effects?

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To make big money and because too few are interested in natural cures, valid herbal and food and diet care and remedies.

16 unnatural substances, as given to many elderly will concatenate harmful side effects.

Natural cures freely available do not make for big money or lucrative patents.

However, sometimes even an unnatural compound can have worthy uses in extreme situations.


8 months ago

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because those are the ones that work best for treatment.


by Nick - 8 months ago

When it comes to drugs, you will need to deal with it at your own risk. These promoters will not be liable especially if they have a strong disclaimer on their site (if you get them online). All drugs actually have side effects so you will need to really check the advise of a health professional before taking such drugs. By the way this is not related to SEO. Your question might be deleted anytime.

by Richard - 8 months ago

As long as they get your money, and can legally weasel their way out of any responsibility of damage (like that big terms and conditions thing people just click agree to) then they don't care what happens to the customer. We are money machines to businessmen.

by Marty - 8 months ago

As a general rule, approved drugs have been tested to show efficacy for a specific purpose, i.e., it mostly works. However, the testing also shows side-effects, which might only occur in a tiny fraction of the subjects using the drug for its advantages. Because there is a KNOWN risk, the company has an obligation to disclose it to potential users who might otherwise unknowingly poison themselves.

by bcnu - 8 months ago