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    May someone explain the website QuiBids to me.?

    Comes out saying that a laptop cost 20 cents but when I get in the offer, it cost $500. Can some one explain everything.
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    You have to pay $0.60 for the privilege of placing a bid, whether you win the auction or not. Each bid is only one penny higher than the previous bid. So, for an item that retails for, say, $100, if the winning bid is $30, that means 3,000 bids were placed, and so QuiBids gets $210 (60¢ x 3,000 bids + $30 purchase) There's also a big incentive for the company to make a fraud using shills (employees paid to run up the auction).
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I'm bothered by their being able to advertise the price that maybe 1 out of 10 bidders get something for, the other 9 getting nothing for the money they put it, it's really more of a casino than an auction, I don't know all the tricks to the game, there is a $60 sign up deposit, bids are $0.60 each.

      by Jake - a day ago

    • For sixty cents, u are paying for one bid on the site. So if u win an item that sold for 1 dollar and u bid 3 times, u pay $2.80 ($1 for item + 3 (.60/bid))

      by Guessing - a day ago

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