What are some good selling techniques?

I work in sales and lately I feel like I've been in a funk. I sell mattresses for a living and I'm usually pretty good at it but lately I haven't been selling anything. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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we recently replaced the mattress on our daughters bed, and visited both online and brick& mortar stores.

Almost everyone of them was selling price, only one, a B&M took the time to educate us about mattresses and even did a show and tell about our choices-- want to guess which store we bought from?

HINT it wasn't the cheapest

8 months ago

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Do a lot of networking and know the demographics or situations of your potential customers. For instance, you would want to find out who are moving houses, newly wed, etc. They might need the products you are offering. Then make sure you empathize and make it seem like you are offering solutions and not begging for a sale.

by Richard - 8 months ago

Promote your sites or products on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin etc.

by Charles Williams - 8 months ago