Example of defensive advertising?

It is an advertisement meant to combat the effects of a competitors promotion. I just can't think of any specific examples? I need a company or product/ service example of defensive advertising. Thanks much :D!

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A lot of car insurance commercials take that approach.

Also, any commercial that says, "We'll beat our competitor's price by $x" is defense. It's trying to combat the effects of a competitor's ad. you see those ads a lot with auto dealers.

And one of the all-time classics was the Avis "We're Number 2. We try harder" series of commercials. Hertz was Number 1 and featured that fact in all of its commercials. Avis was trying to combat the claim--not by disputing it but by using it as leverage to promote its own product.

Hope that helps.

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Supermarkets that offer price matching.
Compare the market etc that offer lowest insurance

by robert m - 8 months ago