Where can I advertise FB pages?

Hi! So, I have a project and the mechanics are really simple, your Facebook page needs to have as many likes as you can than the other groups. My problem is I need more likes on the page. Where can I advertise these kinds of Facebook pages for people to like? And if you can help me, please like the page as well :) Thank you so much in advance!

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I don't know that that page meets the facebook requirements, it could be axed one day if reviewed.
You can find plenty of services that offer to outright sell likes for little money some are 3rd world people's account, some are totally fake software robots.
Those getting likes for a business page, might use Facebook paid advertising to promote a sweepstake that requires a like to qualify, high click rates like giveaways tend to get and sending ads to a Facebook page can lower the ad cost to under 10 cents a click.

8 months ago

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Great for small, local business marketing & gaining customers or selling your items. You can advertise on 1000s on mobile apps instantly.

by Jan - 6 months ago