Hosting for blog network?

I plan to build my own blog network and minimize the costs as cheap as possible. What do you recommend?


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My recommendation is having many shared hosting as they are more affordable. Build your sites on each webserver, built them naturally like you build your main blog.

Other recommendation is never interlink these blogs to each other to avoid footprint.

I don't think using SEO hosting is necessary at this point.

I hope this helps.

8 months ago

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Hi mate, I recomend you Enpower Network hosting very good you can write very nice blog for 25$/m
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by Tomas - 8 months ago

I suggest you to go for free hosting websites which will host your content for at least 1 year .Don't interlink the content or links

by Bhanu - 8 months ago

I think the idea is to make it seem like you don't own each and every blog.

by Richard - 8 months ago

I recommend one of these:

iPage is on sale this Labor Day weekend, 88% off from the regular price.
You can get 1 year of hosting for just $18 ($1.50/month) or 2 years for $24 ($1.00/month).

They're one of the oldest web hosting companies, founded 1998, also one of the largest, currently hosting over a million websites.

They include unlimited storage and bandwidth and you can host multiple websites on the same account.

by Mark - 8 months ago


Take a look at this site, may be it can help you

Best of Luck

by 【✔】 Elexy - 1 month ago