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    Making a website for other people and getting paid for it?

    My mother tells me I can make websites for people who don't know how to make there own and I could get paid for it. IS THIS TRUE AND IF SO WHAT IS THE PROFESSIONAL NAME FOR IT? (If there is one)
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    That's true, you can get paid for it. If you love doing it, why not trying it? I just have to say, that you will need time and effort to get credibility on what you're doing, start small in your area, I mean start putting ads or promote to your friends or family, local restaurant, etc etc. Then build your own site, portfolio, show people who your clients are, which sites you built. If you have a good credibility, it will be easier to get clients. Cheers. The name will be; freelancer, web designer, web developer.
    2 years ago

    Other Answers

    • Depending on the level of service you provide.. you will be called a website developer or a website designer.

      by Richard - 20 hours ago

    • just about everyone knows how to do this. lots of competition. lots.

      by Caren - 20 hours ago

    • Web Designer

      by Wayne Z - 20 hours ago

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