Online seo job opportunities?

I've been doing SEO for 2+ years and there aren't any local SEO companies where I live. I'd like to be involved in link building and guest post pitches... Not writing articles.

Are there any websites or companies out there that I could work for online? Thanks :)

8 months ago - 3 answers

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I will suggest you visit freelancing websites like Freelance, Elance and Odesk. These sites help you to find seo projects.

8 months ago

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Depends.. are you looking to intern to get more experience? Then check this out:

It really depends on your experience, education and drive. Where do you live?


by Deanna - 8 months ago

if you are serious about this i would not choose for odes but for they are much better at what they do and they don't fuck with their clients.

Odesk are people who can't be trusted. Search them up and i am sure you will see a lot of companies have had problems with them in the past.


by Buzz - 8 months ago