What is a good website where I can sell books besides ebay?

And I don't mean just school books, but all types of books.

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They have a great app too that you can scan books in used bookstores and see what you can sell for on AZ.


10 months ago

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by userdags - 10 months ago

There is website where you can auction off used books.
Also you can be a used book seller for Amazon Used books.

There are others. You just need to google around you will find them.

by Ted - 10 months ago

I wouldnt trust Craigslist. To much spammer, plus theres identity theives. I would stick to Amazon. But you could sell them at Value Village but they arent worth much there. Theres also the option of a garage sale :/

by CrunchyChestnut - 10 months ago