Some good tips on Craigslist and eBay selling?

Ok, first of all, I am 13 BUT very intelligent, and my parents are here to help me sell some of my older things. That being said, I recently soled something on eBay for $67.50. Now, I went into my mother's Paypal (With her permission. I use her's because of course I don't have one yet!) to ensure the buyer had paid what I had asked after making sure he had good reviews as a buyer. It said he had paid, but Paypal had the order pending to ensure no problems basically. Now, I looked this up, read from a BUNCH of forums, and found out people absolutely hate this, and have had many issues with it. Originally I was going to sell on Craigslist, but my mother thought eBay was a much safer site, basically because you mail most things out. Now I truly don't think eBay is the way to go! Please help ( Basically people who have history with both sites and this 21 Day thing ) I think I will just go with Craigslist, and act as though my parents are the ones selling to ensure safety when we need to sell in person. OR do I want to try and get a reputation through eBay, and continue to hate waiting 21 days for my money that I should already have. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!

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I started selling en ebay a lot the beginning of june. I had to wait until the beginning of July to have my funds only held 2 weeks. If you are a good seller (fast shipper, good with communication, start to get good ratings quickly), you will get your money faster. It is worth it, I think selling on ebay because:

1.) your stuff reached a larger audience. None of my stuff goes to someone in my state.
2.) it is WAY more secure than meeting with someone at your place or anywhere else.
3.) there is a detailed record of communication, amounts, and a record of the sale.

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Craigslist doesn't ave any of the reputation tracking like Ebay, hence the greater risk in mailing any sales, it's really meant to be an alternative to local newspaper classified ads an not as a full time commerce channel, if you were selling your stuff at a garage sale you would expect to have face to face transactions at your home, at least you can arrange meetings at a neutral location, with a body guard using craigslist.

by Jake - 10 months ago